A 360°, High Level View of Your Business

A Single Version of the Truth

Tap Into a Team Of Expert Auditors

Resources Available Anytime, Everywhere


Highly Specialized Quality Inspectors
We perform more than 20,000 Quality inspections every month for a range of industries. 4C auditors are highly trained and powered by the unique 4C technology.

Available Anytime, Anywhere
We are at your service present anywhere you want in the world. Multi-market, multi-source, multi format and multi-purpose data collection solutions 24/7.

Flexible And Cost Efficient
By outsourcing the Quality Inspection and Data reporting to 4C, you save money and effort but you also gain on the accuracy of the data. Fully Independent and totally transparent feedback. Guaranteed.


Guest satisfaction is a direct result of quality. Quality is more important than price in telling hospitality companies apart from one another.  More


Control cost and help operations run more efficiently by providing useful, streamlined data to facilities staff and third party service providers.  More


Scientifically valid and clinically relevant performance measures have the potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.  More


Understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations are the key to operating and managing an airport successfully.  More


The ability of any organization to effectively manage its supply chain has a far-reaching impact on an organization’s market share and bottom line.  More


Real-time insights and call to action will necessitate a close intermingling between present day market research and technology providers.  More


Cloud-Based and Platform Independent

Build on a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure Without IT Burden

We rely on AWS and Cloud Security at AWS is job zero. All AWS customers benefit from a data center and network architecture built to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS and its partners offer hundreds of tools and features to help you meet your security objectives around visibility, auditability, controllability and agility. This means that you can have the security you need, but without the capital outlay, and at a much lower operational overhead than in an on-premises environment.

World Class Data Center

Instant Data Recovery

Open Source PHP

Multi User Security


HTTPS Protocol

Certified Operations

All-in-one, Data-driven Dashboards

fast, accurate management
Gigabits of data, structured, computed and visualized in real-time to help you take the right decision, at the right time. Actionable insight at the push of a button.

real-time collaboration
4C solutions are designed to maximize alignment of all team members. Everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language and heading towards the same goal.

actionable insight
All 4c solutions come integrated with best practice processes, custom workflows and accredited quality audit checklists. So all you have to do now, is push the right button, at the right time.

Closed Loop Performance Management

4C360 helps the managing authority to know, organize and update data related to Governance. Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) activities in order to support their decision and operative procedures.

How Does it Work?

Its simple. First choose the solution that best meets your requirements and your industry. 4C presents four solutions designed to work as individual modules or run together as one​. ​​​Choose one or all.

  • 4C360 for GRC Management
  • ASSET360 for Asset Management
  • FORCE360 for Workforce Management
  • Cloud9 for Digital Engagement

Those solutions are talking the whole time with each other using mobility and cloud computing. So not only, you have the power to know how much spare parts you have in store, by location, in real-time. By Using 4C solutions, You also have instant access to functional data for each and every asset, in real-time and at the push of a button.

Can i personalize my own solution?

Absolutely. You can either choose from 4C library of sector-specific and pre-designed solutions and, or customize your own. Custom audit forms, custom workflows, custom reporting and more.

What if I don't have the resources to collect the data?

However simple or demanding your project is, 4C can source the manpower for you, anywhere you want in the world. Low cost, highly specialized agents at your service.

Why do I need any of your solutions?

To optimize efficiency, deliver stronger business foresight, and steer business performance. In real-time and at the push of a button.