The Solution

Cloud9 offers a customer-obsessed platform that delivers consistently relevant and valuable interactions across all touchpoints. Integrated Data collection, Data visualisation and Case management. An all-in-one cloud-based solution.

Cross-channel mobile marketing research

Send survey invitations to mobile devices using the Wifi signal.

QR Codes
Generate a QR code that automatically links to your survey and place it everywhere.

API integration
Interface with other apps to collect even more Data.

Auto-reply SMS
Distribute your survey directly to respondent’s mobile devices.

In-App Surveys
Create and deploy surveys incredibly fast with hyper targeted personalisation.

Social Media
Share Twitter and Facebook surveys with the click of a button.

Email Invites
Create an email campaign to reach thousands of respondents in a matter of minutes.

Embed Surveys
Allow your users to take a survey without ever leaving your site.

A Single Version of the Truth

Business Intelligence

Where is your biggest opportunity, why are your unhappy Customers and all the answers your need to make it right.

Case Management

Enables project members to makers to view, analyze, act on and share content for improved business outcomes.

Sentiment Analysis

A real-time pulse of the Customer feelings towards your brand, predictive analytics and more ways to make sure your Client is always happy.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score Gauge the level of service across your touchpoints and its effect on the Customer relationship.

Traditional Research is Dead

The pace of life has accelerated and traditional Research no longer does the job.

At the Speed of Thought

To keep up with rapid technology cycles and improve their multi-platform marketing efforts, Cloud9 takes a different approach to managing Customer Journey—one that embraces the speed of digitization.

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