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Operations and maintenance business units hold a vital role within your organization. Responsible for scheduling and monitoring preventive maintenance programs, they also manage field teams on the ground, make sure there is adequate supply of spare parts and a hundred more tasks. And as your network grows, that list of task grows, as do the risks involved for you and your bottom line. How do you ensure that the constant attention and swift action, which inventory, assets and interactions demand is effective and accurate?

YOUR SOLUTIONreal-time-alert

4C360 is a data platform that can be tailored to suit your operations and maintenance manager’s needs. It allows you to tap into every step of the operations process: accessing, organizing, and updating data related to governance, risk management and compliance(GRC). From metrics like the condition of external signage and room temperatures, to alarm system functionality and electrical wiring, you can apply 4C360 to your end-to-end business continuity lifecycle. Making planning and early warning tracking, risk assessment and response simple and comprehensive.

Easy-to-use and integrated, with just the push of a button, you’ll be able to make decisions in tune with your business needs, plan operations and so much more:

  • Optimise performance, compliance and quality management.
  • Speed up communication.
  • Track progress.
  • Simplify project management.
  • Assess and respond to risk.



professionally dedicated team, a valuable asset & ease to work with them.

Mohammed Othman Al-Saif

Sr. Service Quality Specialist, riyadbank