The Challenge

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has embarked on a mission to take the Saudi Payment System to a new level of excellence. More Customer satisfaction, happier Merchants and better business continuity are the key objectives. SAMA embodied this mission with the creation of a new identity called mada, which comes along with new and stricter quality guidelines.

The Solution

A highly knowledgeable team of 4C Quality Inspectors (QI)were trained and dedicated to this nation-wide and year long effort. 4C’s (QI) team, powered by the 4C360 data capture app took on the responsibility to audit every ATM and Merchant in the Kingdom using a paperless Compliance checklist.

Kingdom-wide brand and operational compliance for SAMA

Governance at the Push of a Button

Real-Time Business Intelligence

A team of dedicated and highly trained Quality inspectors represent perform Merchant Audits to provide real-time visibility of task compliance for SPAN Development Quality Team Project.

An operational and strategic tool with real-time visibility over operations and assets. Quantifiable barometers of industry activity for line managers and stakeholders.

End -to-end performance management, Integrated incident management, custom alert and notifications, Billing module and many more automated task management.

End to End Compliance Management

Total Control
A  high level view of the business and possibility ro Drill down into the granular details.

Maximum Performance
Prevent risk and maximize compliance for each and every payment channel, Kingdomwide.

User Management
Banks have access to the 4C360 Dashboard to check their individual results and take immediate corrective actions.

The Results Were Amazing

End-to-end business continuity lifecycle; from planning to early warning system tracking, risk assessment and response. An easy-to-use collaborative incident management system that speeds communication, tracks progress, and simplifies project management.

Real-time monitoring of all Operations and Assets

Industry Specific Quality Checklists

Harness the Power of 4C360